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Our History

Sweney Cartwright & Co. and its forerunner, Lowry Sweney, Inc., have built over 83 years of trust in the Central OH area, the most important aspect of the securities business.

The company operates from an office in the Huntington National Bank building and is the city’s only locally owned, full-service securities firm. It is from this office that functions are handled—customer investments, operations, underwriting, and trading. Customer securities are held at the Depository Trust Company.

Our firm offers clients conservative investments for both income and growth. The company specializes in tax-free municipal bonds for conservative investors. For those looking for taxable income, we offer high-quality corporate, U.S. Treasury, and U.S. Government agency bonds.

For equity investors, our firm offers access to multiple exchanges, giving us access to all equity securities. Sweney Cartwright also makes markets in over 25 community banks trading on the NASDAQ stock market.

We have our roots in the Huntington National Bank. This is where Lowry Sweney managed the investment department and was the first manager of Huntington Securities. In 1933, the Roosevelt administration passed the Glass-Steagell Act, which made banks divest themselves of their broker-dealer departments.

In response to the impositions of the Glass-Steagell Act, Sweney left the bank in 1934. He purchased the assets of Huntington Securities to form Lowry Sweney, Inc. His new company operated for more than a decade.

In 1946, Todd Cartwright, a longtime business associate, returned from Chicago, and, with Lowry Sweney and Ralph Elam, formed Sweney Cartwright & Co. Stephen Sweney joined the firm in 1956 and Stephen Cartwright in 1959. Today, our firm is operated by the following principals and stockholders:

Stephen Cartwright, Chairman of the Board

Frank Ingwersen, President

Christopher McCargish, Vice President

Crystal Miller, Account Executive

Christopher Johns, Vice President

Joel Cox, Vice President

Robert Fox, Account Executive

Our firm has played an important role in the growth of Greater Columbus through the financing of schools, streets, water and sewer systems, as well as public buildings. The company looks forward to serving investors throughout the next century.


Stephen Cartwright, Chairman of the Board

Steve began work at Sweney Cartwright & Co. in 1959 as a Registered Representative after graduating from Williams College and serving in the army. He became Vice President in 1964 and President in 1980.

He has been trading, underwriting, and selling municipal, corporate and government bonds, as well as handling stocks for conservative investors for 55 years.

Frank Ingwersen, President

Frank began his brokerage career with Sweney Cartwright in 1982 after graduating from Miami University with a degree in Philosophy. He is a member of the Columbus Rotary and serves on the Investment Committee. He is an active member of St. Albans Episcopal Church serving as a fiscal trustee.

Frank and his team utilize a broad investment approach, offering stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds for their wide range of customers.

“I value the relationships established with my customers over the past 35 years in this business of taking care of people’s financial assets. I enjoy working with the children and grandchildren of many clients that I began working with in the ‘80s.”

Christopher McCargish, Vice President

Chris started in the securities industry in 1974 with The Ohio Company, where he began trading bank stocks in 1993. He joined Sweney Cartwright as a Principal and Head Trader in 1998. 

Chris holds a Series 7 General Securities Representative license, a Series 24 General Principals license, a Series 57 Equity Trader license, and a Series 63 Uniform Securities Agent license.

Christopher Johns, Vice president

Chris joined Sweney Cartwright in 2003 after graduating from Wittenberg University in 2002 with a degree in English Literature. He specializes primarily in municipal bonds. He has been a board member of the Ohio Municipal Advisory Council since 2010.

Chris holds a Series 7 General Securities Representative License and a Series 24 General Securities Principal License.

Joel Cox, Vice President

Joel began working with us in 2009 after graduating from Capital University in 2008 with a degree in Business and serving in the Air Force. He holds a Series 7 General Securities Representative License and a Series 24 General Principals License.

Crystal Miller, Account Executive 

Crystal joined Sweney Cartwright & Co. in July 1999. Since her arrival, she has worked as a Sales Assistant to Steve Cartwright in the municipal bond trading department. She holds a Series 7 General Securities Representative license.

Robert Fox, Account Executive

Robert is a graduate of Princeton University with a BA in Economics and Ohio University with an MBA in Finance. He entered the Financial Services business with Vercoe & Co. in 1978. His business is based on Long Term Wealth accumulation using equities, bonds, and mutual funds.

Business Continuity Planning and Order Routing

The occurrence of natural events and disasters and its effect on our operations can be unpredictable. We have come up with a Business Continuity Plan to ensure that our firm will not be significantly disrupted. We will be flexible in responding to actual events as they occur.

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Privacy Statement
A law passed by Congress requires us to provide a privacy policy to our customers. We do not disclose any private personal information about our customers present or past to anyone except as directed by law. We restrict access to your account to those employees and agents who need to know information in order to manage your account in an efficient manner.

You must consider your specific investment goals and styles before investing. Consult with an advisor before making any decisions. Security investments purchased from or held through Sweney Cartwright & Co. are not FDIC insured. Sweney Cartwright & CO. has no control over changing market conditions. Investing involves risk and no assurance can be given that any investment will be successful.